Can Fortnite work on Mac?


I’m planning to start playing fortnite so I’m interested if it will work on Mac?

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Angela Palmer 4 years 1 Answer 0

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  1. Yes, you can play Fortnite on Mac. All the games modes i.e. save the world and Battle Royale are supported by Mac since Day 1 of its release. From Fortnite’s official site it can be known that what requirements your Mac needs. As long as it’s Mac Sierra or above you can play this game without a hitch. You should have an Intel’s Core i3 processor with HD graphics of 4000 series with at least 4GB ram. Depending on how advanced your Mac Rig is, you’ll want to optimize it for better performance. Be sure to check the graphics settings inside the game for better a better gaming experience.

    Enjoy the game 🙂

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