Fortnite: “Search where the stone heads are looking?”


Share please, where is the location of the stone head?!

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tom arnold 4 years 1 Answer 0

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  1. In the fortnite weekly challenge, two objectives are the most popular, and they are often mixed. Finding the location of the fortnite head is a different thing and to check where these fortnite heads are looking is a different thing. I want to describe where the stone heads are looking in the below study.
    If you observe, there are different stone heads around the map, and It is fascinating to see that all of these stone heads are looking in the same direction. First of all, you need to trace a line in the direction of their stare, and then you’ll notice all the lines will intersect each other. This is the point that you need to find out.
    Let me simplify this search a little further. This location is top of a grassy plateau which is located just to the south left of salty springs. You can find this location on the left of quadrant F7.

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