How To Dance in Fortnite?


I have heard my friends saying that they one can make their character dance on Fortnite. How to do it?

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Tom Welch 4 years 1 Answer 1

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  1. If you want to take a break from your missions on Fortnite, and do something fun and exciting for your character—you can always make them dance or groove to a beat on the game.

    I have shortlisted the given shortcuts that you can maneuver with for making your character dance in Fortnite:

    • Xbox One: Down arrow on D-Pad
    • PS4: Down arrow on D-Pad
    • PC: B

    You can also take the following measurements for unlocking more dance moves on Fortnite:

    • Purchase Battle Pass using V-Bucks using real money, and it could be purchased via in-game store
    • Having access to the Battle Pass would allow you to unlock more rewards later in the proceeding stages of the game.
    • The rewards include new dance moves, such as, The Worm and Floss

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