How To Enable 2fa?


My nephew managed to create his fortnite account with an unknown email. Can I link a different email to his account and then enable 2fa?

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  1. First you will have to change nephew’s uknown email to the email adress that you have an access. Because if you will lose an access to your 2 factor Authentication source, you will be able to recover an access to Fortnite via email. After that you will be able to enable on your Fortnite account 2 factor authofication.

    To opt into Two-Factor Authentication:

    In your ACCOUNT Settings, click on the PASSWORD & SECURITY tab to view your security settings.
    At the bottom of the page, under the TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION heading, click to ENABLE AUTHENTICATOR APP or ENABLE EMAIL AUTHENTICATION as your two-factor method.

    If you prefer to use an authenticator app for two-step verification, here are a few common authenticator apps that can be found in your mobile device app store:

    Google Authenticator
    LastPass Authenticator
    Microsoft Authenticator

    Keep your account safe and remember, Epic employees will never ask for your password!

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