How to get better at playing Fortnite?


I am struggling with understanding the game, guys. How to get better at playing Fortnite?

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Hudson Young 4 years 2 Answers 1

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  1. When playing a multiplayer-game like Fortnite, you would be required to work hard, use a creative mind and abilities for nailing the stages of the game. However, if you are struggling with understanding the pattern of the game; stick to a play style/mode that would work the best for you. Fortnite features two types of play styles that you can use for improving your skills. The first type of play style requires you to place yourself in the middle of the circle immediately while the character is on the ground. The other tactic involves you to move around the edges of the circles for proceeding further. Both types of tactics would work for you, if you are able to execute the moves properly. Using a combination of both tactics would assist you with improving your understanding the rules and patterns of the game significantly.

  2. I guess it’s all about practice? The more you play – the better you’ll be?

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