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  1. Hi Mabel, here is the answer to your question:

    If you are feeling generous or, you want to express your appreciation and gratitude to a co-player or friend, you can always gift them skins in Fortnite You will notice plenty of updates on Epic Games, and now, it has presented the option of gifting skins to anyone in your friend’s list. You can follow the given instructions to gift skins to your friends:
    • Open Fortnite application
    • Look for the Item Shop, and click enter
    • Select an item from a list of your preference to gift to a co-player
    • Click on purchase option
    • You can buy the skins for yourself or, you can click on the option to send it to a friend
    • Look for the recipient’s window, scroll down, and click the username of the recipient.
    • Add a personalized message

    Hope this information helps you, if you feel generous, I can accept free skin from you LOL

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