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  1. In the gaming world, fps or Frame Per Second is required for smooth motions.
    In some cases, you want to increase fps in fortnite to have smooth gaming experience. The simplest method of increasing fps is to check your graphics card driver. You can update the drivers automatically or manually. For manual updating, you need to visit the card manufacturer’s website and search for the latest driver. You can also use third-party software from the internet, and the software will automatically upgrade your drivers.
    If updating the graphics card driver doesn’t help, you can install the latest patch to fix the problem. You need to run the epic games launcher and click on the library button on the left side. In-library option, click the gear button on the right side of the fortnite icon. Now, you need to turn on the auto updates option. Now restart the launcher, and if an update is available, it will be automatically installed.

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