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  1. For winning the fortnite game, the essential thing that you can do is playing safe for as long as possible. You need to understand that in the game you don’t get any point for bravery. You should only shoot if you are sure that you are going to make the kill. You need to make sure that your movement is minimum because your enemies can hear your footsteps. This will keep you out of the attention.
    When you are remaining with the last opponent, then you will have to shoot him down, or you can hide at a safe place and survive the storm.

    Another strategy which you can follow is to put your enemies on the defensive side. You need to destroy their structures quickly. You need to have explosives, rifles and shotguns with yourself. Launch the explosives to the base of the enemy structure and then attach with your shotguns. This will create a sense of panic in the enemy.
    Either they will fight back, or they will be more defensive. Whatever the situation is, you need to have your foot on the gas paddle and continue to attack them. This will win the game for you as well.

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