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  1. Here’s the lowdown on how the system works:

    Gifting will be available on all platforms, with the exception of iOS devices. This is because Apple itself does not support such a service.

    After the service launches it will only be available – initially – for around one week, so don’t hang around if you want to give someone an early Christmas present.
    You will need to have Multi-factor authentication set up on your account if you want to take part in the gift system.

    You’ll only be able to send gifts to someone you’ve been friends with for at least 48 hours, so make sure set your buddy list up well in advance.
    You can make a maximum of three gifts in any given 24 hour window.
    You cannot refund any items that are gifted.

    If it’s not in the Item Shop at the time you want to make the gift, you won’t be able to send it.If you’d rather not be inundated with lovely, lovely free stuff, you can disable the option to receive gifts in your account settings.

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