What is Fortnite season going currently?


Guys, what season is going right now in Fortnite? I used to play this game in Season 1 and 2 but not anymore, since don’t have enough time

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Alice Pelletier 4 years 1 Answer 0

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  1. Fortnite season 8 has just begun on 28th February and is planning to end on 8th May 2019. The game has many new features in season 8, which can be bought for 800-1000 V bucks or 8 to 10 dollars if bought separately. There are new treasure items, Pirates, Gold chests and of course new weapons. The season 8 pass also has a new story sequence which starts from an additional tropical map with Lava vents. New game assist features help in daily missions. New dance emotes and of course new victory umbrellas. The season pass also offers 50% match Experience, 10% Friend match Experience boost with access to tons of new challenges.

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