Where Can I Find The Secret Battle Star for Season 9 Week 7 Fortnite?


I can’t find the secret battle star in loading screen 7 because rabbit is not all there.

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  1. To get Battle Star, you only need to follow the next steps :

    1. First of all, you need to find out where you can get the Battle Star. For this, use a location map.
    2. Getting the Battle Star

    3. In this case, I’ve chosen the number 5, and I’ll show you where The Battle Star is located there.
    4. Getting the Battle Star

    5. In the next picture, you see the stairs on your left-hand side; there is the Battle Star is placed.
    6. Getting the Battle Star

    7. The loading screen makes it pretty clear which tier the battle star is on, as you see two railings above it, and there are only three levels to this staircase total. That means you are going to the first one, which is where you will find the battle star if you’re able to unlock it.
    8. Getting the Battle Star

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