Why Can’t I Download Fortnite On My Android Device?


Why can’t I downloaded fortnite on my Android device, it is 8.1.0? My phone is an LG Stylo 4

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Player435ij 3 years 4 Answers 0

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  1. Because StW isnt out on Android

  2. Hello! I guess you are looking to download Fortnite battle royale, because there is no save the world on mobile. To download Fortnite on mobile you need to download the launcher on epic’s website.

  3. It’s probably not on the supported device list my have has the specs for it too and was on the list breifly but I can’t download it or play.

    So I think there isn’t any steps apart from buy a better phone lmao preferably a high end Samsung or Huawei or an iPhone.

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