Why Fortnite is Bad?


Just started to play the game and I’m interested if there are any side effects from playing Fortnite too much? It’s just so addictive!

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  1. There are many reasons why players think that Fortnite is actually a bad game. The developers can’t seem to balance out the game’s mechanics. To solve this problem they have many times made some of the weapons of the game ineffective or straight devalued them.

    However, nerfing or devaluing some weapons has made other weapons go into God Tier level. This inconsistency of weapons can be seen in some weapons like the Shotgun in which the damage is like a roulette or dice throw. The damage can be 10 to sometimes 100 points.

    The roulette system is also applied for not only weapon damage but weapon spread and loot also. Terrible servers give very high ping (time taken by the computer to answer the request by the server). Lack of skills and Microtransaction has also made the game not very consistent with the players also.

    The game is popular because it’s free and tends to the kids and other large audiences casual taste but lacks all the features to make it a good game.

  2. Fortnite is not bad – Fornite is the BEST!

  3. Fortnite has way to much competition making it a unenjoyable game.

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