Will I get banned for this?


So I was in a Solo Fortnite match and I was camping as a bush (the legendary item) and I was walking to the next zone and I saw another bush and I thought it was funny so I started recording I walked to the bush to see what the person would do and I saw it was a default and he dropped me a slurp so I didn’t want to eliminate him anyways we got into a mech together (didn’t get anyone that I know of) but we died and I was wondering will I get banned? I wasn’t thinking of it as cheating or teaming at the time but I can definitely see how it is and I will never do it again but Fortnite doesn’t know that. I want to know do you think I will get banned and how long? It’s been 3 days since it happened.

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trixcut 3 years 0 Answers 0

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